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Whey & Casein

Supplements should be used wisely

Some of the most frequently asked questions, will be answered in this post.

What is whey ?
What is casein ?
Why do you take these products?
For whom are these products suitable?
Can I take a shake as a meal replacement ?

What is whey-protein?
Whey protein is a nutritional supplement which is obtained in the production of cheese and often is used power sports. Whey is a short protein , rich in BCAA's , which gives the muscles in a short time so-called amino acid peptides.

For who whey is useful for?
Most commonly whey is used in the field of bodybuilding and strength training to promote the development of the muscle. In addition, however, it serves to preserve the targeted muscles. Whey does make sense also after an intense endurance exercise because it provides the muscle fast with the necessary proteins.

At what time do you take whey ?
There are 3 time points at which the intake of whey is useful / recommended.
First direct morning after getting up
Second 20 - 30 minutes before training
Third Immediately after the training (most frequent ingestion time )

What is casein ?
Casein, also known as Night - time protein , is a creamy and slowly digestible protein. Casein is processed from the part of milk, which is used for the production of cheese ... For example there is a hight proportion of casein in a low-fat quark.

Who casein is useful for?
Like the whey protein, casein is very popular especially in the fields of bodybuilding / weight training. it ensures a long-term protein supplies and the protection of the muscle and supports the muscle building.

When you take a casein ?

As a so-called Night - time protein , casein is very suitable just before bedtime . So the muscles get a lot of protein during the night.
Unlike whey, casein should not be taken immediately after your workout, because your muscles need fast proteins.

Can you replace a shake for a meal?

The only correct answer , there is in this case should look like this:
Can you replace a shake for a meal?

Very clear answer : NO ! This question should not be part for debate,
At least not if you want to be healthy & fit or want to become ...
As the name suggests, casein is a dietary supplement, not a substitute.

Should you have any further questions , just ask , we love to help you as best we can !

But visit the receipes. There you can find some creative suggestions how to usw whey an casein. enjoy ;)

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