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Supplement-testing Scietec Nutrition

Supplementtest Scietec Nutrition
After we published last week, the first supplementetest, this week follows another manufacturer.

Scietec Nutrition has kindly provided us at FIBO samples of many of their products. This we would like to introduce you now and tell you how they tasted.

More information about SCITEC Nutrition and their products can be found here:


  • Whey 
  • Shaker 
  • Booster

Whey - 100 % whey protein professional
I've tried all sorts of whey protein professional & I'm an absolute fan of the
taste "Milk Chocolate" ... I had to think directly on Milky Way . The taste “vnilla very berry " was also delicious , but it had not an intense flavor as expected. Really good ! At least convinced me was the variety " banana" . The solubility is absolutely great , once properly shaken and ready.
Since I 'm allergic to hazelnut, I asked my best friend to try the sort "Chocolate Hazelnut " whey & she was thrilled . All chocolate varieties get 8 points . The " fruity " varieties : 6 points except banana, unfortunately there are only 4 points in it.
I had tested the wheys with " Strawberry - white chocholate " and "chocolate coconut” flavor . The solubility is really good , even in water . The tase of the strawberry - white chocolate whey is the best. Although the chocolate coconut flavor is also quite good , but with chocolate- wheys I 'm always a bit skeptical :) points for strawberry -white chocolate : 8 points for chocolate coconut flavor : 7 points

I was previously a Scietec Nutrition fan, because it is my standard whey :) But I 've been looking forward to test me once through the range . The Wheys of scietec are pretty sweet - I really like it, because they remind me of classic milkshakes. I liked mostly the tasted "chocolate hazelnut ". It tastes like Monte. "very berry " tastes like Frufoo / Fruchtzwerge & " strawberry white chocolate " I had a 1kg pack and just love how nice it tastes like White Schoklade and strawberry, nice refreshing ♥ All three get 10 points with asterisks.
I found the flavour "banana" bad , very artificial and "Chocolate Coconut " did not taste of coconut has 3-4 points.
The chocolate products convince me not because I do not find chocolatey enough.

100% milk complexe
In addition to the 100% milk complex "Belgian Chocolate" (brown package), no other has so tasted wonderfully of chocolate! It was nice and creamy, slightly soluble and not too sweet. 9 points

Whey - protein delite
Here I have tested the sort of "strawberry white chocolate" & I am really excited.
Solubility also absolutely top & the taste was not too artificial. Definitely was a nice change and therefore I forgive for 8 points.

I was able to test the flavor "Chocolate with chocolate pieces." I knew it already, but think it's still great :) Super soluble, nice and creamy and the chocolate chips are a welcome change in the whey everyday :) Points: 8

Four Star Protein - Whey, Casein, Milk & Egg protein

"Four Star protein is a great mixture of 4 great animal proteins, the digestive enzymes papain and bromelain addition were also added! Our high-quality protein source contains whey protein, total milk protein, the excellent micellar casein and egg protein. These sources have countless amino acid profiles, so does it make sense to combine them. "(Quote

I tested the taste "raspberry vanilla yoghurt" and "chocolate". Both Wheys were soluble, but you had to shake very very long time. Nevertheless, they had a creamy consistency, which I do not particularly like. However, the flavors were delicious. raspberry vanilla yogurt has as Maoam taste and chocolate was wonderfull chocolatey, like a chocolate shake. For both, there are 8 points.

Booster - Hot Blood
The booster is taken in capsule form. Most boosters have unfortunately so far shown no effect on me ... This already did shown an effect to me. Palpitations , sweating , and a really neat pump .
As I had expected , as so often, no effect, I have scared me at first when training something ... who knows hisself & his body not quite good, should be careful with the use. Perhaps you should start with less capsules before you take the prescribed 5 capsules. Points: 8

I have also taken every 5 capsules . The capsules are really big and I had to swallow a couple or single. The effect continued for the first time after 25 minutes with a short slight tingle one , but this also disappeared immediately. Unlike as Manu I have not been sweating increased. Had rather only negative side effects such as palpitations and dizziness. I had the feeling that I had a heart rate of 200 after each exercise and I was dizzy . My heart rate monitor also showed me permanently a high pulse of over 150 .... am absolutely not convinced. 2 points

Booster - WOD crusher fireworks - booster for functional sports
A booster in powder form , which can dissolve in 500 ml of water and should drink 30-60 minutes before training. The time shown has me a bit confused, so I have decided to drink it 30 minutes before exercise . The smell of the powder was very unpleasant , disgusting. But it tasted strangely ok. It should taste like "mango – lemon".
However, I had zero effect. Neither increased sweating , no special pump, no palpitations, etc. Therefore, only 2 points .


I have long been staunch users of Scietec shakers. The capacity with 750 ml is optimal for me because it motivates me more to drink. I use the shaker also for a drinking bottle in training. Since I use it very often , they naturally migrate whatsoever in the dishwasher. After extremely many passages can only unfortunately the tightness for something . Points: 9

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