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product test Questbar and Oatsnack

The two manufacturers Questbar and Oatsnack have also kindly provided us at FIBO with a few samples.

Questbar manufactures protein bars. The official site of Quest Nutrition be found here:

Oatsnack establishes an Energy bar of oatmeal.

Questbar Review

PRICE for 1 bar : about 2.30 to 2.50 €

Kati Yes , the lovlye quest bars .... highly praised by all and already hyped right, I particularly looked forward to treat these tastes. First I wanted to eat them right now, then I wanted to save them to me. My verdict: They are not worth of their mone. All of them are very sticky, smell and taste artificial. The Cashew Coconut and Strawberry Cheesecake, you know, they are just disgusting! Unfortunately I have really no other word for it. Super artificially by the taste and had little to do with the described flavor. My family & my boyfriend were allowed to test them and felt like I did. Points: 1 

The Double Chocolate Chunk, however, was quite ok. But I would still not buy more. There is simply protein bars that significantly better taste and do not cost as much. Points: 5 
For some people they might taste well, but I think that many buy the bars only because of the hype and idolize them. On Instagram I had spoken to some of that have the same opinion as me (we). This bar is once again a proof of how different tastes can be.

I have tried the flavors "Chocolate Brownie" and "White Chocolate Rapberry" & have to say that I'm just disappointed. Highly praised by all, I was really excited to test the bolts and I can find NOTHING good on it ... they smell strange, taste extremely artificial, are very dry & were kind of mushy. Although I must say, the "White Chocolate Raspberry" as opposed to the "Chocolate Brownie" was really a treat.
In this sense, there is for the "White Chocolate Raspberry" Questbar 4 points and the "Chocolate Brownie" Questbar unfortunately only 1 point.

I was allowed to test the flavors "Chocolate chip cookie dough" and "Peanut butter jelly".  

The Chocolate Questbar was really tasty. The consistency is unfortunately little sticky, but as a candy bar replacement is really awesome. Points: 9
In the flavor "peanut butter jelly" I had great expectations because I am an absolute peanutbutter freak. The bar tasted good, but unfortunately not met my expectations. I would have expected more flavor here. Number of points: 7

Oatsnack Review

PRICE for 1 bar : about 1.30 €

I had the tastes "Latte Macchiato" and "banana-chocolate". I was convinced of these products significantly more than the Quest Bars! The bars are nice and juicy and have a nice thick layer of cream on top. Especially the banana-chocolate bar was incredibly tasty, just a shame they are so small. The other half had tried my friend and found it delicious. Tasted like Corny, only juicier. Points: 10
The latte macchiato bar was tasty, but also something strange. Right after coffee he did not like, but was still good. Number of points: 7  

Not only in taste, particularly well priced I would Oatsnacks forgiven the Quest bars.

I have tested the flavors "vanilla" and "vanilla apple cinnamon" and am unfortunately convinced of these bars are not 100%. They definitely are better than the Quest bars. "Vanilla" only gets 4 points, because I didn´t like the taste and I have found it very artificial. For the Oatsnack "vanilla apple cinnamon" I give 7 points, because I found these bars simply delicious. General can tell, these are the bars very juicy, what I find really important in such bars & therefore trump the Oatsnacks the Quest bars by far.

I had the variety "Latte Macchiato" for testing. Since I am old fan of the Energycakes, I was eager to taste the Oatsnacks. The consistency is pleasant. The taste of the oatmeal is delicious too. "Latte Macchiato" only the topping was not my case. It has quite artificially tasted. Number of points: 7

Also I had the sort of vanilla-apple-cinnamon for testing. I am big fan of cinnamon and I loved this bar tasted really good. Points: 8


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