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HIIT workout

HIIT workout

In addition to strength and cardio training I like to do HIIT ( High Intensity Training ) . At first I was based on Freeletics , YouTube videos, small workouts that I found on Instagram or the Nike app .

But now I imagine my own HIIT and it gets me real sweat ing! If you like to make your own workout, you have to watch this:
- You need exercises that bring the upward pulse like Burpees , jumping squats , high knee run , etc.
- Once by train the whole body : You should incorporate exercises for upper and lower body

A HIIT workout should last a maximum of 45 Miunuten ! If you then are not flat, you've done something wrong ; D HIIT is very taxing on the body, so you should not overburden him. More about HIIT you will also find under the post " Cardio vs .HIIT " .

Work out :
At the beginning you warm yourself 10 minutes with a cardio machine on or with , for example, the following exercises for 1 minute each to : jump rope , jog in place , jump over the stepper / step over , tap stepper / step tip , high knee run, glide to the side, jumping jack Burpee . You do not take a break between exercises . Then it goes on HIIT itself

Example 1 (3-4 rounds)
15x --- Burpees
20x --- Skaterjumps
15x --- Kettlebell swing
15x --- push ups
15x --- Dips
20x --- knee lift
15x --- Squat Jump
10x  --- Plank walks
20x --- Mountian Climber
20x --- russian twist
20x --- back lunges
20x --- flutter kicks
20x – sit-ups

Example 2 (3-4 rounds)
30x --- jumping jacks
15x --- Skater Jumps
15x --- knee lift
15x --- Criss-Cross
10x --- sit-ups
20x --- Mountain climbers  
20x --- all-fours position with a straight leg
20x --- Squats with a weightend medicine ball
20x --- bulgarian lunges
20x --- all.fours position with crossed legs
15x --- Supermans
10x --- Dips
10x --- Bizep Curls with a terra tape

After 4 exercises you can just take a deep breath (max. 10 sec. Pause), otherwise it is said of a exercises directly to the next! The whole makes it 3-4 laps and makes sure that you do not exceed 45 minutes. After 1 round you doing 1-2 minute break. But you should not getting cold and drink enough during the break!

Example III (5 rounds):

--- 1min Burpee
--- 20x squats
20x --- Lunges
20x --- criss-cross
1min --- Jumping Jacks
20x --- Mountian Climbers
20x --- Dips

If you know enough exercises that you can also simply do your own workout :]
Have fun trying out and exercise!

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