Donnerstag, 3. April 2014

protein breakfast

Start your day right!

When it comes to the topic of breakfast, you will encounter many different views.
However, on very many excuses, too.

1 I`ve got no time.
2 I`m too lazy in the morning to do anything.
3 I´ll take something on my way for takeaway.
4 I eat until noon, I do not need breakfast.

Do you find yourself here again somewhere?

We have an explanation, why breakfast is so important and a recipe. We show you, how to start your day optimally without much time :)

Who waived the breakfast, tends times, to snack something when you get hungry and often these people also tend to more food cravings than those in the morning take the time to eat. In addition, the body will overnight fed no energy, so the memory in the morning is almost empty ... because the body needs especially proteins and complex to get back into the swing.


low-fat quark
Whey protein (chocolate here)
1 banana
coconut granola
some milk (1.5% fat)

Mix the low fat quark with 2 Scoops Whey Protein milk. Everything should come into a smooth mixture. The banana and granola is given simply added. 

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