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About Kati

My name is Kati. I`m 23 years old, 5ft 8 1/2 inch tall and living near Cologne.
How I came to the TEAM Beauties Lift Weights?
Lets start from the beginning: during I went to school and began to study, I`ve started to do some home-workout. Once or twice a week I swung myself on the cross trainer and absolved some small workouts with YouTube videos. Earlier I went to the gym, went out for running and made my workout with the Nintendo Wii. But nothing I´ve done for a longer time, because it wasn`t really funny. Finally in December 2012, I checked in, in a gym again and found my passion for weightliftig.

Of course, I started with low weights and many many reps, like every girl. I thought “I don´t want to look like Hulk” After a few months, I started a programm with a friend to loose weight. I`ve done a lot of cardio and only made exercises for my abs, legs and my butt. The result was a horrible bodyfat percentage, low muscle mass and a lot of water.

With the help of my boyfriend I began to deal with the topics strength training , HIIT , etc
I made my own workout plan and had the success to reduce my bodyfat and built muscles.

Every 2 – 3 months I change my workout and diet plans. Since I doing sports, I 've stopped weighing myself . Why ? Muscle are heavier than fat and since then only my mirror and my measure tape are my friends.

In fall of 2013 , I`ve found the way to Instagram @ _katiii07fit . I just wanted more motivation pictures than the usual Facebook pictures and I also hoped to find like-minded girls. With the project #wir2punkt0 I found these like-minded German girls. I also never thought that once in a time, so many people will follw me... inbetween there are over 1000 followers. Thank you very much ♥ I'm happy to see, that I can inspire other people with my pictures and videos. This shows me, that it´s worth the work.

Now I have started a new project with Manu and Isi ... it's called “beauties -lift- weights". With our blog , we want to motivate even more people, especially girls for sports and healthy eating. 


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