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FIBO review

As you'll have noticed on our blog and Instagram, the Beauties Lift Weights Team was traveling together at FIBO.

We were Saturday and Sunday most of the day there. Two wonderful days, especially because we finally got to know personally the three of us now . We had lots of fun and were able to meet a few IG'ler :)

1 Supplementtesting
2 impressions
3 Device Tests
4 Calisthenics with the Barstarzz and Baristiworkout
5 FIBO Résumé

Detailed comments on the various topics will follow in the next few days & weeks :)

1 Supplementtesting
We have used the FIBO to talk to the manufacturers of various supps and to obtain product samples. We want to introduce on our blog , and partly also on Instagram, for the next few weeks these products for you . Why do we do this? In most cases you will buy the brands that are recommended by friends and coaches (because they use it themselves). Mostly it`s too much work to compare the different products with each other. We now want to change ! Besides well-known companies in the industry, we have Supp also target smaller or lesser known companies approached to test their products for you. Let yourself so surprised what all comes so :)

Only once a small overview of what we have collected everything , the whole thing can your
take 3 times , then you know our approximate "yield" ;)

2 impressions (pictures & videos)

Of course, there were again the stars and starlets of bodybuilding and fitness scene at the fair. As might be expected , it was naturally associated with long waiting times to achieve them . Extremely positive , however, it should be noted that Atlethen like Stephanie Davis, Mario Klintworth , Dana Linn Bailey, Katrin Rose, Tim Budenheim, Anna Maier , etc. have also taken the time to have a little talk.

3 device tests ( Pictures & Videos )

The Fibo also offers the possibility to test the latest fitness equipment, which we decided to to:) Unique Conclusion: The Stairmaster is a stunner . A cardio machine that mimics the climbing of stairs. An absolute MUST for a great ass . 

4 Calisthenics with the Barstarzz and Baristiworkout (+ videos)
What is Calisthenics ? Shortly: a total body workout using your own body weight.
The guys from Barstarzz and Baristiworkout have delivered with Men's Health a great show .
Each of the dare could get to know what street workout is and how it works. Sunday was topped with the Battle: King of the bars.

Although we had to stand quite a long time , but the time was definitely worth it . The tricks showed there were extremely impressive. A somewhat detailed article on the topic of Calisthenics / Street Workout gets her to read in the next few days :)

And as you can see , there are also male Weight- lifting Beautie ;-)
If you don`t recognize “the cock in the basket" , this is Ed Checo from Barstarzz ...

5 FIBO Résumé

FIBO was much better organized than last year. It was the second time in Cologne. As always, the FIBO Power was better attended than the other halls and partly it came to crowd and people jams ... what also always lay in the actions of the stands "Stars and Giveaway actions " . Who wanted to have something for nothing , had long queues in front of the stands in buying accept or good luck have one of the first to be at the booth ;)

The products were partly significantly cheaper or at least the same price as outside the fair. You could , however, make good use of the opportunity to gather information about different manufacturers supp ( FIBO Power) to take samples and get to know his idiole . The stars , however, were partially surrounded so strong that you could not even catch a block , such as the guys from Shape You ... the poor could one do almost sorry ... but everyone was patient and if you brought yourself enough patience , you could also get hold of a photo ;)

In the other halls there were also a lot to see ! In the halls of the FIBO Expert could be new sports equipment test, go visit or shop one of the many events; D

Sunday was from the crowd definitely bearable. We had the feeling that Sunday was less crowded and the public has become very different from the Saturday.
your team Beauties Lift Weights

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