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Home-Workout Part II

Hello cuties,
because you found the last home workout so great, now we'll show you the second one. Today we show you a special workout for the problem areas of the woman;) A workout for abs, legs and the butt. This workout we'll show you as couple, our third team member Isi unfortunately injured in holidays and therefore she needs to take it easy. Next time you'll see us as trio again.

abs legs butt - homeworkout

Adduction in side-lying position

Target muscle: adductors
Supporting muscle: abductors 
Execution: Lie down on the and stretch out your legs. Now, the upper leg is bent and you hold it with your hand. Lay your head on your lower arm. Your lower leg is extended and the heel is pressed down or tightened your toes upwards. Now you move your leg up as far as you can and then let it countenance fallen until it almost touches the ground and start again.
Reps: 2 x 20 or 4 x 10 per leg


Target muscle: rectus abdominis muscle, pyramid-shaped abdominal muscle
Supporting muscle: Oblique abdominal muscle
Sit on your butt and winkle on your legs, now you lift your legs off the ground. Your upper body should be as close to your legs as possible, arms at the side of the upper bodyNow you lean back with your upper body and stretch out your legs. Stretch yourself only as far as you can keep the tension in your body. Spread your abdominal muscles tight. Now go back to the starting position and repeat.
The entire exercise your back should remain straight, legs and back should not touch the ground.
Reps: 3 x 30 or 4 x 20

Quadruped with extended leg crosswise

Target muscle: gluteus maximus , hamstrings , semimembranosus muscle , semitendinosus muscle 
Supporting muscle: twin calf muscle
Execution: Go on all fours , your arms and thighs should be positioned in a right angle. The lower back is the light! hollow back to relieve the intervertebral disc. Now you stretch one leg straight backwards, your toes are stretched and face the rear. It is also important to keep your foot on voltage ! Now you lift your leg up, then bring it diagonally across the angled leg, threading tail it back up and lead it to the final down. The leg / foot is never settled !This exercise in three variants: 1 angled leg, second elongated leg, 3rd leg stretched crosswise. Option 1 and 2 are lighter and are performed similarly. In this variant liftin countenance fallen and you only your angled or stretched leg.
Reps: 2 x 20 per leg

Body Saw / Plank

Target muscle: Core 
Supporting muscle: the shoulder girdle and back muscles
 Execution: Go in the push-up position, but go on your forearms, NOT on your hands. Your elbows should be placed approximately under your shoulders. Your body should form a straight line. Tense butt & belly the hole time.Beginners: Hold this position if possible, 30 Seconds or more, make sure that your body does not begin to sag. Before you lose the tension, rather do a short break and then start from the beginning.Reps: min. 3x 30 Seconds or more .Advanced: You start in the plank position and are holding this position for a few seconds, then your upper body goes slowly down until you almost touch the ground. DON'T TOUCH THE GROUND WITH YOUR UPPER BODY. Now go back slowly to the starting position and repeat the whole thing a few times. 
Reps: min. 3x 5 or more .


Target muscle: Four -Headed thigh muscle, hamstrngs, Gluteus Maximus 
Supporting muscles: erector spinae , three
Execution: Introduce yourself in a neutral position. Stand with feet about shoulder width apart . Wide shoulder stand is the rule, but you should find your own pleasant squat position. Mine is a little wider than shoulder width. Furthermore, the further apart your legs are ( sumo squat ), the more it goes on buttocks and inner thighs. Your chest is pushed forward and your upper body is straight. Your lower back always remains in the lightweight hollow back position ( in its natural position ). Look forward and tensing your abs. Now you tend your upper body slightly forward and shove your butt back, as if you'd want to sit down on a chair. Eighth in the downward movement that your knees stay behind the toes and then squeeze you again from the verses and strength of the thigh to the top. If you do not have dumbbells at home, you can have a "weight" for example, Water bottle / sixpack etc. keep it in the chest. If you take much weight you should have a good standing / weight distribution shoes with a flat sole. (eg Chucks, no sports shoes)  Do the quats on socks or barefoot.
 Reps: 3 x 15

Lateral hip thrust (lying)

Target muscle: Oblique muscles
Supporting muscle: straight & pyramidal abdominal
Execution: You lay on your side and support you with the forearm of the lower arm on the floor.
The outstretched legs and your feets are on the sides. The hip is located on the ground. Now, the exercise can begin. Lifting the hips up now ... as far as possible, without turning your body in any way to the side. At the highest point, you hold the tension for a few seconds. Then you lower the hips back toward the floor, but without laying down the body completely.
Reps: min. 3x 10 / per side

Deadlift with straight legs

Target muscle: erector spinae , gluteus maximus 
Supporting muscle: Long head biceps, half vision muscle , Platt vision muscle 
Execution: Unlike the traditional deadlift, you strain less muscles here . However, even more with the focus on the gluteus maximus. You take in each hand a dumbbell / water bottles. Now place yourself up straight, your legs are positioned hip-width apart and your feet pointing forward. Your gaze is directed forward, tense your abdominal muscles and put your lower back in a light (natural ) hollow back, the main thing is no hump. Your knees should be slightly bent to protect your joints. Now you bend over the hip joint to your upper body forward and shove the butt backwards. Your legs remain in the starting position and should not be bent. The weights slide towards your feet with outstretched arms - breathe. Now you pull your upper body back up, arms remain stretched - exhale. Make this exercise on a continuous lightweight hollow back . 
Reps: 4 x 15


Target muscle: quadriceps
Supporting muscle: Core, calves
Execution: You begin in the starting position (squat position), now you jump off the ground
and lead your right leg behind the left & end up in a half squat position. From this position, you jump again & tie the left leg behind the right. In this case, you should try to make it as quickly as possible ... The entire movement should be as similar as possible to the movement while inline skating or ice skating. The arms can be swung either with or be simply taken to compensate the balance.
Reps: 3x 10-12 / per leg


Target muscle: Core
Supporting muscle: back muscles, front leg muscles
Execution: Lie on the back, winkele the legs, the feets hip-width apart and pu themt side by side. Now you push your hips upwards, so that your body forms a straight line as possible from the shoulders to the knees. At the highest point you should hold the exercise for a few seconds, then you lower the hips off again, but stopp just before the ground & start the exercise again. To make the exercise a little harder, you can also stretch a leg up while you are doing the exercise ... everything else remains the same. You can further increase where you put the weight on the hips to the level of difficulty.
Reps: 3 x 12


Single-Leg Hip-Thrust

Hope you'll have fun :)
Your Beauties-Lift-Weights Team ♥

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