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Home-Workout part 1

We would like to show your some exercises, that you can do without aids (or things from your household). You don´t need to go every time to the gym to do good things for your body.

Plan for a whole body workout 

sidestep backwards with rotation of your upper body
target muscle: Quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes
supporting muscle: Core, erector spinae
execution: make a sidestep backwards. The mainstay leg (front leg) must have firm footing. The rear leg you lower now from the ground. The knee stops just above the ground. Make sure that your front knee stays behind the toe.
Your upper body turn over the leg and back. The arms you hold in front of the chest. Make sure that your hips remain straight during the movement.
reps:  3 sets with 12 reps per side

target muscle: hamstrings, buttocks
supportin muscle:  Core, erector spinae, quadriceps
execution: Imagine a sturdy chair ready (a box, stairs or someting else works, too. Improtant is, that the article is stable). Now come alternately with the legs on the chair and back down. You can increase, in which you increase your pace the difficulty here.
reps: minimum 3 sets with 12 reps eacht side 


target muscle: triceps, anterior deltoid and great pectoral muscle
supporting muscle: hand extensor 
execution: take a chair or you can also use the back of the sofa. It is important that your "training device" does not slip away. You start the execution by lower you with a controlled bending of the arms your upper body down. When your upper arms are parallel to the floor, so have reached an angle of about 90 degrees lower and upper arm, you've reached the end of the movement phase and express yourself back up and away. The power comes from the arms and not the legs! You can choose the difficulty level, the higher is the chair or the sofa, the easier it is. Furthermore, you can make it easier or harder for you, by you anwinkelst legs or stretch out. Advanced skiers can put the feet on the same high object.
reps: 3 sets with 12 reps

target muscle: straight abs
supporting muscle: oblique abs
exercise: terminal the feet, for example under the couch or bed. Legs are bent. The back rests on the floor, lengthen your abdominal muscles and move your upper body now up. Make sure that your back remains straight and your abs remain tense. Then you lower your upper body back to the ground, shoulder blades off the ground. Of course it is also possible that you also exercise without pinching your feet somewhere underneath.
reps: 3 sets with 12 reps 

lateral raises with water bottles 
target muscle: Middle part of the deltoid (middle shoulder muscle)
muscle: Front / Rear delta, upper part of the trapezius.  

execution: Stand straight, kneeling, or sitting down, there are several variants. The standing version unfortunately often leads to that one brings the momentum rather from the back. So I show you the kneeling variant. You hold the bottle (or dumbbell) neutral next to your thighs, palms facing inward. Now you raise your arms, shoulder high & keep the voltage at the highest point short. Now you lowers his arms again and begins again. The arms remain slightly bent throughout the exercise.  
reps:  3 sets with 12 reps

target muscle
: adductors
supporting muscle: abductors
execution: fold two towels & put one under each knee. Support the hands make sure that your upper body remains upright in the hip. Now you move the knee just away from one another, the farther apart the more strenuous it is. From the wide position then you draw the knee from the force of your thigh again.

reps: 3 sets with 10 reps

target muscle
: erector spinae / lower back  

supporting muscles: gluteus maximus, hamstrings
execution: The superman or back extensors are referred to, is a good exercise for the lower back without equipment. Lie flat on a carpet or yoga mat. Stretch the arms forward and the legs back out. Now lift up legs and arms as far as possible/pleasant up and just release the tension, but not touch the ground.

reps: 3 sets with 15 reps oder 4 sets with 12 reps 

target muscle: abductors / outer leg  
supporting muscles: adductor  
execution: Tie the resistance band firmly somewhere (here on the railing) or introduce yourself with one foot on the tape. The other foot is in the loop. Now lift your leg sideways up (as far as possible), keep it short and sink it again. The tape should be tensioned. The more tension in the band, the harder it is. Optionally, you can also do without tape or hold you tight with one hand the exercise. 
reps: 3 sets with 12 reps

target muscle
: pectoralis major
supporting muscle: triceps, anterior deltoid, serratus anterior
execution: There is the "Women's variant" on the knee and the normal on tiptoe.  

For both variates: Embark on your knees and place your hands at about the level of the chest and slightly wider than shoulder width on. For the "normal pushups" you set your feet on your tiptoes. Your legs and torso should form a line, no sagging back and the butt is not stretched upwards. Now from your body sink down and keep the tension going as far down as you can. Express yourself now back up, the force should come only from the chest and arms! Holding the come up a little bend in your elbow joints to protect them.
reps: 3 sets with 15 reps, or for the beginning as much as you can 

have fun with exercising
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