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Cardio vs HIIT

Which method is the better one?

Probably each of you has heard or read about these two terms somewhere. But what does they really mean? We want to answer this question today.


1. Cardio:
Cardio means roughly expressed endurance training. But what is endurance? Endurance is the ability to keep standing a load as long as possible. Endurance refers to the ability of being able to regenerate as quickly as possible, too. In particular, it has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and immune system, this is an improvement in the blood count and reduction of heart attack risk. For the endurance training in a gym, you can use different devices. For example: cross-trainer, treadmill, stairmaster, etc. You can also do cardio outdoor. For example, running, hiking, walking, biking, etc.

2. HIIT:
HIIT is an High Intensive Invervall Training. The meaning is, that cardio intensity is changed again and again, although at short intervals. You can do HIIT in a gym or outdoor. In the gym you can do it on all devices which allows a quick interval change. The best form is jogging. You can switch easily into sprint intervals. But be careful. You should be an expeted runner because HIIT is very very hard. You should not overdo it and train maximum two or threetimes a week for 15 – 30 minutes, if you are a beginner. Even HIIT strengthens your cardiovascular system and gaining strength.

How does HIIT work?
Time: first you should warm up your muscles for about 5 minutes. Then 15 minutes HIIT are starting. You make a sprint for 30/60 seconds and then you walk normal for 30/60 seconds. This intervalls you´ll do so long, until the 15 minutes are over. After that, you should do a cool down for 5 minutes.

Intervalls: on which level you should train belongs to your fitness. If you´re not sure, ask your coach. In the resting phase you should clearly feel how your body shuts down. Your breathing should be calm and relaxed. In the sprint phase you should go to your limit, 30 or 60 seconds should create the feeling “is it over, soon?”.
For example Katis HIIT on a treadmill: I run 60sec. at 12km / h and then 60sec. to 5km / h (always changing). For me it is most comfortable.Start small and easy, before you fall off the treadmill.

Both terms “Cardio” and “HIIT” are often heard in conjunction with weight loss and fat loss. So which method is the best now?

Cardio vs. HIIT

The misconception that cardio is the only guarantor to lose weight is simply wrong. Whoever exclusively provides cardio and operates the best for another 60 minutes at a time , several times a week at a low intensity only will lose muscle mass and not lose fat! To lose muscle mass means, that your skin starts to sag. You can be skinny. But if you don´t have any muscle mass, your body wobbles. -> “Skinny fat”. HIIT is the best version to lose body fat and safe your muscle mass.

There are several advantages:
  1. Faster performing. 30 minutes HIIT are more efficent than 1 hour Cardio.
    You burn more fat in a shorter period.
  2. you´ve got a better after burning effect after HIIT
  3. you don´t loose so much muscle mass.

Nevertheless, cardio shouldn't be missed in your training plan. Cardio has the best meaning for your endurance and your cardiovascular system. HIIT makes you stronger. We can also say that HIIT is good for sprinting (a lot of power over a short distance) and cardio is good for running / marathon (long distance). A mix of both in your training plan is therefore optimal. How often you do this, depends only on you and your goals :)

Cardio before or after your workout?
This is the last most frequently asked question. We recommend after workoing out. Whether it's cardio or HIIT. You need your strength and energy for strength training in order to perform it clean and safe. After strength training your carbohydrate stores are depleted (almost) and so it can go directly to the burn fat during doing Cardio / HIIT. 

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