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Fit for summer - final spurt!

The summer has started and the days are getting better and the first day at the beach or at the lake is coming up. But you haven`t reached your desired figure or  your+re not feeling in your best shape? Here we have a few tricks for you, as it could still work.

First of all, please do not do any crash diets, only to have a "good" figure. The result is short-lived and then you have all the extra pounds or even more back. Would rather stay on a healthy diet and regular exercise, because only this will take you to a long-term goal! And even if you next year can achieve your personal dream body only, do not care! 

So and now to the actual topic:
1. create nutrition and fitness plan
... so you are left with no more excuses! Preparation is everything. A weekly schedule what you want to eat or even prepared dishes will not help you on the unhealthy, fast alternatives to fall back. And always have snacks like nuts or fruit there! ;)
In addition to a balanced and healthy diet definitely add sports on your plan! Try to make at least 3x per week sport in order to keep you FIT. But do not overdo it! Minimum one restday per week you should treat you. A positive effect of weight training is that the gained muscle helps you to burn more fat and calories a day. Therefore, you should keep your diet also customize to your sporting intensity. That means: Do not fall into the track "I've done sports, then I can treat myself now." of course, should one from and what can be, but to reward the calories burned  for example with a Nutella bread, is not the point ;) On the other hand it means that you need to eat more, as your daily calorie requirement increases.

2. Natural "fat burner"
Fat burners are no fat killer! They do not target the fat in your body and let it melt. The word "fat burner" takes a rather misleading, because it should really be called metabolic balance pusher. But that sounds not so good as fat burner ;) You haven’t take your fat in expensive pill,  take it by natural foods like:

- Green Tea
Stimulates the metabolism balance and prevent the contained catechins that new fat to be stored.

- Chilli
Put it in your food! Chilli not only burns in the mouth, but also allows the body to come in full swing. For this, the substance contained in the Chilli Capsaicin is responsible.

- Fresh lemons (-water)
has a high vitamin C content and L-carnitine contained. When you`re exercising, it will burn more of your fat. A glass of warm lemon water in the morning also stimulates the metabolism balance.

- Cinnamon
Cinnamon is a healthy sugar substitute and tastes perfect to cereal, smoothies and Co. It lowers blood sugar levels, blood lipid levels and boosts fat burning.

- Grapefruit (juice)
The grapefruit is a top fat burner and prevents the storage of fat in the cells. In addition, it contains a lot of vitamin C and thus ensures a healthy immune system. Whom the grapefruit is too tart, it can try with the milder version of "pink grapefruit".

- Cold water
It's that simple! The cold water has to be heated by the body while it burns more energy, the result ... the metabolism is stimulated.

3. Have you ever tried it with HIIT?
With HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout of 30 to max. 45 minutes you put your entire body to warmp up, burn calories properly and come from the sweat does not get out. It is optimal for fat loss, does not cost a lot of time and can also be completed without studio. In addition, you have the HIIT a afterburn, that means that you burn fat even after the completion of your training and not only along the way. Furthermore, at a full body workout more muscles addressed and fat reduction is accelerated.
- Our HIIT Workout: Beauties Lift Weights HIIT Workout
- Recommended Apps: Nike Training Club & Freeletics

4. supersets
Super sets have several advantages 1. You build muscles faster on 2. you will burn more fat 3. It saves time during training.
how it works: Do two exercises one after the other, without a break! After each set, there is then a break. So for example, first bench press and pull-ups right/rowing after, then 1 minute break, next sentence. Each exercise is pulled until muscle failure.
Here, the pulse shoots naturally in the air, which causes our body is in full swing and tidy burns fat & calories!

For superset you can combine different exercises with each other:
- Super set of different muscle groups, e.g. back and legs
- Superset with the same muscle groups, for example chest & chest
- Antagonistic supersets for example biceps & triceps (The antagonist is a muscle that is the antagonist of another muscle)

5. Sprint units
You love jogging? Then try getting short sprints or interval running. Here, the body is much more demanded and therefore burns more calories and fat.

But with all the stress, will not forget to listen to your body! A "perfect" body is not everything and there is a lot more important things in life!

Have fun
Your Katrin & Beauties Lift Weights Team

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